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Week 1 in Uganda!

Hello world! This is Kiley! Week one in Oyam District, Uganda was quite an adventure! We had a lot of time to adjust and learn about our setting. We have seen more adorable kids than you could imagine. We’re beginning to learn the local language, handshakes, and customs but we have a lot of learning to go. Our project is going to be awesome – focused on school health programs, the sewing workshop, and more! Can’t wait for the coming weeks.

Jessica reporting from Gulu. Africa has been amazing so far, I’ve seen so many new faces and experiencing a complete different culture. We have visited the schools we will be working with for the next five weeks and I can’t wait to get started.

Hola this is Victoria! This week we focused on adapting to our new surroundings and meeting community members that we will soon be working with. So far Africa has been amazing with great weather and such welcoming people. I’m very excited to get our project going and work with all the children in the schools!

Hi hi, Destiney here! It’s been a whirlwind of a week so far with traveling for 3 days to our designated destination and loosing my baggage along the way. Nevertheless, it’s still been more than amazing so far! Meeting all the wonderful people from GNHU, various communities, and seeing the children smile bring us more joy than you can imagine. The landscape is also beautifully lush, which I’m grateful to have around us. I’m excited for the following weeks and the many things we will learn and share. Thank you to everyone who has supported us being here!! ­čÖé

Heyo! It’s Mackenzie! It’s been one interesting week. The two days of travel were very exhausting, but we all made it to Uganda in one piece! We spent our first night in Kampala, it was cool to see a bigger city here. Oyam is beautiful and we’ve spent four days here already. Everyone at GHN(U) is so friendly and I cannot wait to work with everyone involved in our programs. So far my favorite part of this week has been visiting the villages and schools we will be working with in Oyam. I’ve also already learned some games that the children play! I’m extremely exited to see what the coming weeks hold! Stay tuned for some great stories!

Hello from Uganda! This is Cassie and I’m excited to share our experiences here in Oyum over the next 6 weeks. Our first few days in the community have been a fantastic whirlwind of meeting Global Health Network (Uganda) staff, community members and other interns. As we enter our second week here, I’m super excited to continue learning about the programs we will be working with and meeting the teachers, parents and students! It’s going to be an amazing adventure, be sure to check in for our future posts about the great work our team is doing!

Erin here! I’m so happy we have made it to our home for six weeks! We received such a warm welcome from everyone in the community. We couldn’t have hoped for a more awesome staff to work with here. I’m excited to continue learning about the culture and meeting more of the community. All of the kids are so cute and love to play, it’s going to be so fun working closely with the kids here. Stay tuned to hear more about our adventures!

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