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Week 5: Homestays End

This week was our final week of homestays. The thought weighed heavy in our minds but we knew we just had to have the best week possible. We started off the week doing hygiene and sanitary visits in Adigo. A few homes we visited didn’t meet standards by having basic things like latrines. Throughout the process, we made notes to make sure GHNU members go back out to these homes to help and monitor their progress. After the household visits, we visited a primary school, handed out vitamin A and then played with the kids. The kids were so excited to play with us, it felt nice to be able to hang out with them for a half day. On Tuesday we visited the Omolo site and gave Apit Penino (the sanitary pads group) a training session on group dynamics. That also gave us the opportunity to see our construction site and how far along we are; almost done! While in Omolo, we also decided to interview some of the group members for our video.

Wednesday was another School Health Day in Odong. They had so many performances filled with songs, drama and dances. After the performances there was a soccer game: GHNU/interns vs. students. The students kicked our butts, but it was a lot of fun. Thursday we completed a business costs training in Adyegi. Quickly enough Friday came along and we conducted a school health program in Omolo. We taught them basic hygiene techniques, how to properly wash hands, and HIV basics. Following the lessons, we helped the school with some yard work. After visiting the Omolo primary school we walked to our construction site and saw even more progress on the gables and roofing, which was very exciting. We were able to hang out with the community and Apit Penino members while eating lunch, which was the perfect way to end the week.

In the blink of an eye it was Saturday and our team decided to go for a hike in Lira. It was a lot of fun and a nice Segway to start the weekend. Sunday was bittersweet for everyone. It was our last day with our homestay families. They all threw us parties which was so kind and a blast of fun, but the farewell speeches from our host parents definitely had us feeling sad and missing them already. It was a great final full week in Oyam district.

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