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Making Progress

“Buenos diaz!” As Victor, our daily bus driver, would say each morning. Last week we were in Las Cocas for 2 days as we had to finish putting in the new pipes and covering them with the old dirt. The other 3 days we were in Jesus Maria continuing to map out the foundation and digging out a lot of dirt. One day, a girl filmed out whole 20 min commute to Jesus Maria, and then sped the time up — it looked so cool! I’m getting better at crossing the river finally, and I got to ride across it in the little zip line cart. It has been nice getting to know the community members a little bit more, and the kids are especially fun to meet. On Friday we met Maria Elena (14), Laticia(11), Milagros(3), & Richard(9) – Natalie got to practice her Spanish with them. We also hung out with the community babies: Luciana and Jihaida. Luciana has the longest eyelashes ever! Jihaida is also a team favorite as she never stops smiling. We started a new latrine hole and began census research. On a sad note, a lot of people got sick! So some days we had less people on site.


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