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Week 4: ¡Vamos a la Fiesta!

On Sunday the 3rd of July, we came back from Iquitos after having we ordered colour paint, paintbrushes, flower seedlings, and some snacks and decoration for the Celebration of the Medicinal Plants Garden on the 9th of July. Moreover, we met Jacobo, a sympathetic Spanish M.D., who accompanied our group to Madre Selva in order to attend patients at the Clinic.


Although we were told the shipment of our supplies was expected by Monday the 4th, it never arrived on time for the Celebration Day. As a result, Tal, Maja, and Genevieve went to Yanashi to buy snacks for the 9th. We also decided to postpone the mural painting to next week and, instead, focus on the elaboration of the new contract between the community and the medicinal plant garden.


Therefore, during one of the Community’s meetings, we met with the heads of Santo Tomas’ families to discuss how caring for the garden could be done in a more sustainable way on the long term. After an hour and a half of enlightening negotiations, we agreed upon five days a week of work each month starting this July. Hence, we made up a new chart that each day the assigned worker would checkmark every task and indicate arrival/departure time. When the assigned worker is done has to give the completed chart to Julio.


On Wednesday, we went to the Clinic where two of us (Michelle and Maya) were invited to cook chicha with Julio’s wife, two others (Jessica and Tal) went to talk with the community on further details about indigenous medicinal plants, and finally Genevieve and Maja sketched the outline of mural.


On Friday, Tal, Maja, and Genevieve went to Yanashi to buy snacks for the Celebration and the six of us finalized the contract, though the printer ran out of ink so we could not print out and distribute new copies. Then, Saturday the Celebration day was a great success full of chicha, friendly soccer games, and smiles. Despite of our first apprehensions about how the party would be welcomed, we managed to entertain the children and explain the new aspects of the contract.


In short, this week was challenging on the planification aspect, but the compromises and adjustments to the situation did not affect the Celebration in any way. Thus, we managed to conciliate efficiently our work with the one of Sally, Becky, and Fanny and Jacobo.

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