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Week 5: Painting the Mural

This week a group called Vitamin Angels joined us at the station. They are an organization that provides vitamins to under-nourished children in impoverish communities worldwide. There were 7 ‘angels’, so the station was quite busy!


Early in the week our shipment of supplies came and we were ecstatic that we could finally start working on the mural. We went to the clinic and made an outline of the mural in paint so that it would be easier for the children to follow. The next day we brought the children from their school to the clinic and began painting. We separated the group in two; half were painting while half were inside the clinic playing games, and half way through the afternoon we switched. We were a little nervous of how it would come out but the final product was even better than we had hoped!


When the Vitamin Angels left they took the other McGill group with them, bringing our total down to just 7 people! We were so sad to see our new friends go but I think we’ll enjoy some quiet time for our last week here in the rainforest

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