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Ready for Takeoff!

Our trip hasn’t even started, and it’s already been an adventure!

Julia was put on an earlier flight, so she had to rush to the airport to catch her plane. She got into Boston around 6 (when Abbey, Jessica, and Giulia’s flight left), but she arrived so early that the Turkish Airlines attendants weren’t even there to answer her questions. After getting lost while changing terminals, we all finally reconnected at Gate E5 for our flight to Istanbul.

As we sit here, we are planning how we will be getting our visas and contacting James, the director of Mountains of Hope. We are so excited to get started on our journey, and we’re really looking forward to getting connected to our community. Nourish UNC has 4 interns traveling to the Mpigi district of Uganda to work with Mountains of Hope from May 10th – July 22nd. While there, we will be working with the community to implement a program that teaches community members to sew reusable pads for women and girls. We will also be helping to teach computer skills in the Mountains of Hope community center so students have better access to higher education. Although we hope to make an impact, we understand that we cannot change the world. Having high expectations for this trip would only hinder our understanding of their culture and distract us from listening to the needs the local community actually wants to implement. We hope to learn as much as possible- about the community and about our role there. Overall, we are so excited and can’t wait to learn what is in store for us!

– Go Heels!

2 thoughts on “Ready for Takeoff!

  1. Karla Wilson says:

    Here is to the start of an incredible time for the four of you and for each person you cross paths with along your journey. Remember the butterfly effect. Even a small action can change the course of lives as it ripples through!

    Best wishes to all!


  2. Cathy Perrone says:

    I am so excited to learn from you upon your return!!!  Safe travels and much happiness to all!

    “Auntie Cathy”


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